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Excited to do everything possible. . .

I came up with this plan to save family farms while also building my own business. As I have continued to read up on farming and ranching and all the challenges associated with each, the broader the entrepreneurial vision expands.

There is a real tension, though, that I'm finding which may be obvious to most. Some farmers don't think it's possible to run a significantly profitable family farm in this day and age.

My opinion: that's bunk.

Now many will I'm sure call me a naive city slicker. They'll say I've never farmed and therefore shouldn't weigh in on what farmers need. These critics are probably correct to a certain degree. I'll admit I have much to learn, but I hope an outsider's perspective is exactly what is needed to reinvigorate a thriving mentality, rather than a depressing pessimism, to this proud and highly respected industry.

There are so many possibilities on how to improve family farming. But along with improving farming, we also have an amazing opportunity to also improve our human health during a time when COVID and chronic disease threatens many people's daily lives. We also have a groundbreaking opportunity to improve the health of the soil and land upon which farmers and ranchers make their living.

So much to do. So much to improve. And I'm planning big things with Family Farms Forever. You can play a huge part by simply contacting us. Give us feedback, too, on whether you think we're going in the right direction or not. Any and all comments are appreciated.

We have a very big vision. But isn't that part of the exciting piece of beginning any new company, movement, and venture?! Let's do this together.

I'd like to be the first to thank you for your support.

-- Ryan

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