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Human Health Collides With Farming

Human health is linked with farming. You don't see the connection? Let me explain.

COVID has highlighted the importance of underlying human health in battling contagious viruses. Obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, Type-2 diabetes . . . these are all generally preventable conditions through alterations to lifestyle and diet.

That's where farming comes in. To be specific, regenerative and sustainable farming. You see, farming in a sustainable and regenerative manner improves the soil health. Soil is actually a living bio-organism; actually, soil is composed of millions of biological species. Soil health is directly connected to farming practices, including the use of tilling, pesticides, lack of cover crops, and insufficient use of livestock, to name only several reasons.

When soil health is strong, the growing crops are strong and more nutrient dense. Also, the animals feeding on the plants in the good soil are also receiving proper nutrition, thus improving the eventual nutrient density of the food processed from those animals, e.g., grass-fed beef. When we eventually eat this food originating from healthy soil, we as humans are receiving the most life-sustaining food possible.

This is among the reasons why it is so important to begin to transition farming to regenerative and sustainable business models. Doing so will improve our farming businesses to ensure profitability, will improve our land and soil, and crucially, improve our population's health!

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